All My Heart Longs To Win
exmanhater on AO3
rating: explicit
pairing: Patrick Kane/ Jonathan Toews
words: 8013
warnings: Genderswap, femslash

Pat’s pretty sure this has been the most confusing week she’s ever had since that time in fourth grade when she got her period for the first time in the middle of gym while wearing white shorts and thought she was dying, despite her mother’s previously imparted information about puberty (true fucking story). Or, the real account of how Patricia Kane and Jonny Toews, roller derby stars, finally pulled their heads out of their asses and started banging.

Of Gentleness
ice_hot_13 on AO3
rating: explicit
pairing: tuukka rask/ adam morrison
words: 90590

Tuukka is far from friendly to the new backup goalie, but Adam still keeps trying to be his friend.

Special Topping
LoadedGunn on AO3
rating: Explicit
pairing: Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles
words: 13088
warnings: a bj or two

'Who would even want so many pizzas so late at night?' Harry wonders before the door opens.

Oh. Apparently short guys with shaggy brown hair and a scruff and bright blue eyes and heart-stopping smiles. That’s who.

Harry’s not even ashamed of how he nearly drops all the pizzas. This guy is gorgeous and Harry hasn’t noticed anyone like that in ages, let alone provided services to them. If he opened his mouth right now the only thing that would come out is, “By special topping did you mean my dick?”

Or, the AU where Harry delivers pizza and Louis really just wants Tim Gunn to spank him.

The Fight in the Dog
rsadelle on AO3
rating: explicit
pairing: brandon bollig/andrew shaw
words: 3620
warnings: pet play

It’s probably not a joke anymore when Brandon puts large dog bed into Amazon’s search field and buys one of the ones on the first page of results.

time go
gasmsinc on AO3
rating: explicit
pairing: brandon bollig/andrew shaw, patrick kane/jonathan toews, evgeni malki/sidney crosby
words: 30534
warnings: knotting but it’s like at the bottom and I don’t read fics with knotting cause it freaks me out but i didnt even read the tags and get this was a werewolf fic until the middle ITS SO GOOD TRUST ME the dialogue is so cute and perfect. 

Andrew doesn’t even know Brandon that well, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to jump him and hump in a supply closet, and it doesn’t stop him from getting defensive when Segs says one day, “Brandon’s really hot.”

Andrew sputters and says, “You have a boyfriend you dick back off.”

Radar Love
couturiersmissingteeth on AO3
rating: explicit
pairing: danny briere/claude giroux 
words: 136595

Claude is unlikely to bond, is told from a young age that he will mostly likely belong to the part of the population who is unable to. He mostly forgets about it and focuses on hockey. But, of course, he does bond. And of course, he bonds to Danny Briere.

while her shoes were untied


I wrote this for Bailey’s birthday and it’s like three days late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLIN’. umm I don’t know what to say about this. AU in which Rhys is a trans woman, basically. Tom/Rhys, bit of Faris/Rhys.

R for non-graphic sex, 4k.

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around his neck is everything you are (PWP #8)


100% shameless petplay porn. for Bailey because I love her and she’s into that kind of thing. contains pet play (obviously), D/s, spanking, annnnnnnnnnnd a bit of double penetration. (this is filthy don’t look at me)

also, because I like providing visuals, Joe’s kitten ears (x) and his tail (x)

title is from animal lover - suede because my sense of humour is more than cringe worthy.

Joe/Josh. NC-17, obviously. 5k.

read on AO3 here.

the thing about Joe is, he’s got a lovely little mouth. at least, that’s the first thing Josh really notices when he enters the bedroom, not sleep-slack like the rest of his face, but he’s got his bottom lip caught between his teeth, turning it taut and tight and ever so swollen. the colour makes a rather nice contrast to both the white of the sheets, of his milky skin, and the black of his hair and the shorts he’s wearing, a little spot of flushed pink. lovely.

Josh pads over slowly to the bed, careful to not scare Joe up, and perches himself on the corner of it. the way Joe is curled sideways next to the headboard, has to be with the leash tied tightly to it, all Josh can really reach without his weight dipping into the mattress is his thighs. he goes for that, slowly strokes up the side of one, the soft skin, and feels Joe shudder just a bit beneath his touch.

'kitten,' he coos, 'kitten, wake up.'

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a bit beside himself


the one in which Joe manages to drink himself forward in time. or, the one in which Rhys comes home to find his boyfriend making out with himself. Joe/Rhys, Joe/Rhys/Joe. (does that make sense?)

R, maybe NC-17, 13.2k. read on AO3 here.

So, the day it all starts is a pretty normal day. Normal, save for the absolutely terrible weather outside, pissing down and freezing cold, but then, this is London. Rhys has seen worse. Even considering the fact that it’s May.

Still, when he enters the flat with jingling keys and a heavy plastic bag filled with groceries in each hand, Rhys’ first instinct is to rip his sopping wet jacket off and wander into the bathroom in search of a towel. He dries himself off, as good as he can, while also cursing at himself under his breath for making an awful mess of the floorboards, and when he’s done with that, Rhys reaches for his bags and ventures into the kitchen.

Normally, by this point, Joe would have already shown up and offered to help with the groceries, or at least he would have made fun of Rhys for looking like a soggy poodle, his hair curly with how wet it has gotten. The same jokes he’s been making for ten years, which haven’t been funny for roughly the same amount of time, but that’s still preferable to being ignored.

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Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty
toplinson on AO3
rating: m
pairing: harry styles/zayn malik
words: 7589
warnings: pet play

He can feel the heat of Harry’s cheek to his chest. “Just, well, I really-shit. Let me try again. I really like it when you treat me a bit like a kitten.”